netrc not accepted by git

I have set the %HOME% Variable in my windows.

In that folder I have put a file called _netrc. Inside that file I have that:

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    But both, MSYS and Tortoise keep asking for that password.

    I am using Win7, MSYSGit and TortoiseGIT. Does anyone know why this does not work?

    I have found an article on stackoverflow that said it must be named _netrc and not .netrc, but both do not work.

    Thanks 🙂

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  • One Solution collect form web for “netrc not accepted by git”

    Assuming you did everything that was described in this answer and you set the right location for your %HOME% (confirm this with an echo %HOME% and check that in that location there’s a _netrc file), there must something be wrong in the usage of your repo.

    The URL to clone a Google Code repo is (see this Google link for that).

    So, you have to do a

    git svn clone

    in order to import your Google repo.

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