NetBeans + Git on BitBucket

I have a local git repository.
Recently I have added a remote repository from bitbucket, and have pushed my branch there without any problem by: git push bitbucket (since I’ve configured username and password in https url).
But when I try to push, using NetBeans, I always get 401 Unauthorized, when I choose from configured remote repos list and when I try to enter the remote repo details manually.
I have the most recent version of NetBeans and Git plugin.

Thanks for any help in advance.

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    It is a bug in NetBeans. Seams fixed in NetBeans 7.2, and looks even better in NetBeans 7.3, so perhaps you could try an upgrade. I find it stable and reliable.

    Note that you can have more than one version of NetBeans installed just in case you need to switch, and since you use git and push, you should not fear losing data.

    Are you using the right version of Git, as mentioned in this thread?

    I had the same problem. Which version of Git are you running? (git –version will tell you.)

    Prior to 1.6.6, Git didn’t support “smart” HTTP.
    Bitbucket doesn’t support “dumb” HTTP, so you’ll need to upgrade to a newer version of Git.

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