My project disappeared when I renamed it in git

I was putting the finishing touches on a project. One of those “finishing touches” was renaming the project. Now it’s “gone”. 😩🔫. I looked on GitHub and it’s still “there”, but I’m in over my head in terms of how to get my master and my renamed branch to interact properly. Here’s how I got to this dreadful state:

I followed Apple’s How to Rename a Project post:

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  • In git, from the command line, I checked out a branch to rename the project as follows:

    git checkout -b rename-project

    When I was done, I typed:

    git add .
    git commit -m "Renamed my project"

    Then, I went back to the master to merge the ‘rename-project` branch as follows:

    git checkout master

    Project /Users/me/Documents/Developer/My Renamed Project.xcodeproj cannot be opened because it is missing its project.pbxproj file.

    How do I get my 2 weeks’ work back?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “My project disappeared when I renamed it in git”

    master doesn’t have your renamed project yet. Close XCode, then do

    git merge rename-project

    and if that succeeds, you can reopen XCode.

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