Multiple Instances of an app on Heroku

I need to deploy several instances of the same app on heroku. It appears that I need to have a branch and local repo for each instance to deploy each instance to heroku via the cli. This just doesnt seem right.

Does anyone have any experience in this area?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Multiple Instances of an app on Heroku”

    You will need to have a git remote set up for each heroku app, but you can push to any remote from one local repo.

    You can use the heroku git:remote command to set up multiple git remotes for your multiple heroku apps. Run that command with --help to see all the options, but this would create a git remote called staging for a heroku app named chunky-bacon-1234:

    $ heroku git:remote -r staging -a chunky-bacon-1234

    Then, if you wanted to deploy your local branch named my-experiment to that heroku app, you can push that branch to the remote’s master branch:

    $ git push staging my-experiment:master
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