Moving a tag on a remote repo

I created a tag in my local repo and pushed it to a remote one. Then I found some additional changes that belonged with that tag. So I commited the changes and moved the tag in my local repo. Now the tag is empty on the remote repo. How do I update the tag on the remote repo to point to the same commit that it does in my local repo?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Moving a tag on a remote repo”

    git push origin tag_name

    if the change of tag is non-fast-forward, add force option

    git push -f origin tag_name

    Note that git1.8.2 mentions will impose the use of the –force (-f) option:

    git push $there tag v1.2.3” used to allow replacing a tag v1.2.3 that already exists in the repository $there, if the rewritten tag you are pushing points at a commit that is a decendant of a commit that the old tag v1.2.3 points at.

    This was found to be error prone and starting with this release, any attempt to update an existing ref under refs/tags/ hierarchy will fail, without “--force“.

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