move some commits to a new branch in Hg

My repo is currently as follows:

O 7: default
O 6: default
|  O 5: default
|  |
|  O 4: default
|  |
|  O 3: default
| /
O 2: default
O 1: default

I would like to move 6 and 7 to a new branch, how can I do it?

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    You can use the rebase extension for this. It needs to be enabled but that link has the information on how to do it.

    The commands would be:

    hg update 2
    hg branch newbranch
    hg commit -m "Creating new branch"
    hg rebase -s 6 -d 8

    This creates the new branch, commits it (which would create revision 8 in your example) and then moves revision 6 and its descendants onto the new branch. Obviously, you’d need to look up the actual revision numbers for your repository.

    You could also do it with the mq extension but I think that rebase is easier to use in this instance.

    Depends how you define the term “branch”. If you’re talking about named branches then Steve Kaye’s answer is fine.

    If you’re talking about a branch like 5 & 6 are on a branch in your diagram, then you don’t need to do anything. 6 & 7 are already on their own branch. You can leave them alone, and move back to revision 2 to continue work there.

    hg update 2
    <continue work>
    hg commit -m "New Stuff"

    That will leave you with a graph like this:

    o 8: default
    |  O 7: default
    |  |
    |  O 6: default
    |  |
    |  |  O 5: default
    |  |  |
    |  |  O 4: default
    |  |  |
    |  |  O 3: default
     \ | /
       O 2: default
       O 1: default

    If you want to assign a name to each of those tips, take a look at bookmarks.

    hg bookmark -r 8 stable
    hg bookmark -r 7 experimental-stuff
    hg bookmark -r 5 some-feature

    … and then you can change between them by name.

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