mock not creating rpm package with –scm-enable

I have been trying to create an rpm package using git with mock. Here is the command I am running:

mock -r fedora-22-x86_64 --scm-enable --scm-option method=git --scm-option package=package_name --scm-option git_get='git clone repo_name SCM_PKG' --scm-option --spec='package_spec' --scm-option branch=master --scm-option write_tar=True -v

Now, in my result I can only see source rpm. I don’t see any rpm inside RPMS/ directory. Further investigation showed that mock is running “rpmbuild -bs” instead of “rpmuild -ba”. While I run mock with created source rpm, I have been able to create RPM package properly.

Can you please help me out to understand what am I doing wrong here? How do I tell mock to create RPMs and not just only SRPMs? Or does mock-scm only creates SRPMs?

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