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I have a codebase located in Europe and access this codebase from Asia. Codebase is substantially huge, downloading the whole codebase (which is required sometimes) becomes a pain.

I wanted to know whether anything like this.

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  • I want a solution that “I will have a svn server locally which will sync with the main svn and serve my team as the svn is locally hosted.”

    Thanks in advance

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    Try Multisite Repository Replication with VisualSVN Server. That’s exactly what you were looking for then.

    Multisite Repository Replication enables classic master/slave replication architecture which allows you to setup a master repository at your main codebase location in Europe with multiple slaves at other locations.

    In contrast to standard write-through proxy solution, in Multisite Repository Replication feature

    • master and slave repository looks and acts just like a regular writeable Subversion repository,

    • the replication between master ans slaves is performed automatically and transparently,

    • supports advanced authentication mechanisms,

    • It’s easy to setup, works out-of-the-box with minimal configuration via VisualSVN Server Manager MMC console.

    Learn more at http://www.visualsvn.com/support/topic/00068/

    You can also try a write-through-proxy which is supported since SVN 1.5 and works fine.

    With this setup you have a master and a slave repository.

    The slave repo acts as a local read cache while commits will be proxied to your master server and synced back.

    This solution comes with subversion / apache.

    See this svndevelopers blog for more details. Or the superb SVN book, or last but not least the subtrain admin training presentations

    Here is a pretty good article on how to set this up:


    The general idea is to use svnadmin hotcopy to do the copy without down time, perhaps triggered by a post-commit hook, or on a timer.

    Another option, discussed here:


    Is to use SVN sync to do a sync, rather than a copy, using the svnsync synchronize command.

    Besides the svnsync, you can try the commercial solution from Wandisco.

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