Merge multiple git repositories into one, keeping branches history

I have four separate projects. They have their own git repository. and the same name of branches for all projects.


All git repositories have the same name of branches, and of course their own master branch.


I would like to merge all projects into one like so:



i want to keep the history of all branches.

ps -> i have the same name of branches for all repo.
for exemple: a branche name used for all four project: V6-004


I tried submodule and subtree but the both doesn’t solve the issue.

I tried also this.

  $ mkdir new_parent_project
  $ cd new_parent_project
  $ git init
  # Now we need to create the initial commit. This is essential.
  $ touch
  $ git add
  $ git commit -am "initial commit"


  # merge project ProjA into subdirectory ProjA
  $ git remote add -f ProjA http://GitUrl
  $ git merge -s ours --no-commit ProjA/V6-006
  $ git read-tree --prefix=ProjA/ -u ProjA/V6-006
  $ git commit -m "merging ProjA into subdir: ProjA"


  # merge project ProjB into subdirectory ProjB 
  $ git remote add -f ProjB http://GitUrl
  $ git merge -s ours --no-commit ProjB/V6-006
  $ git read-tree --prefix=ProjB/ -u ProjB/V6-006
  $ git commit -m "merging ProjB into subdir: ProjB"


the projects are merged but i have only the history of V6-006. but i don’t have history for the others branches.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Merge multiple git repositories into one, keeping branches history”

    That solution is not so far from what you tried.
    This works only if your different projects have no common files (otherwise it can be difficult to solve conflicts)

    # create a new repo:
    git init all_projects
    cd all_project
    # to make it more easy to understand, let's create a new branch
    git checkout -b main
    # import 1st project
    git remote add projectA http://projectA
    git fetch --all --tags
    git checkout masterA projectA/master
    git rebase masterA main
    # move the main branch to the current state
    git branch main -f
    # Now your branch main is at the same state as your A project
    # import 2st project
    git remote add projectB http://projectB
    git fetch --all --tags
    git checkout masterB projectB/master
    git rebase masterB main
    # move the main branch to the current state
    git branch main -f
    # Now your branch main contains all commits from projectA and projectB
    # etc..

    The result will be a repository with 1st all commits from project A, then all commits from project B, even if the project B has some commits dated before the last commit of project A, but this should not be a problem (and the history tree will be easier to read)

    EDIT : Sorry I just notice this not solve your problem to get all remote branches. Maybe you can find a solution based on that question, with something like this:

    for i in $(git branch -r |grep projectA|awk -F'/' '{print $2}'); do
      git checkout $i projectA/$i
      git rebase $i main

    but this would make your tree more complex because all branches will starts from the main commit ..

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