Merge 2 branches in git ignoring branch in between?

I want to merge a branch into another branch selectively & then merge another branch ignoring 1 branch in between. How do I do this with Git? I am using Git Extensions for visual studio.
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    In git you do not really merge branches. You merge two commits by adding a new merge commit. The new merge commit has those two commits as parents and contains the merge result.

    If I understand your question correctly you want to merge the two circled commits, which are currently referred to by Logout_IdleUser and Various_Fix.

    In this case you might want to do:

    git checkout Logout_IdleUser
    git merge Various_Fix

    This would merge both circled commits by creating a merge commit. It will also move Logout_IdleUser to point to the new merge commit.

    If you want a different result, please describe you intended final situation more precisely.

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