Mercurial copy patch to repository

I’m using Mercurial repository and I have a patch in ‘git‘ format and I wanted to know how I can apply that patch to my current repository which is Local.


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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Mercurial copy patch to repository”

    hg import <patchfile(s)> should be able to handle git-style patches.

    Use hg import --no-commit <patchfile(s)> if you don’t want it to automatically commit the changes after each patch is imported.

    Mozilla’s FAQ mentions this:

    Try hg import --no-commit, Mozilla has a rather useful FAQ regarding trading patches between Git and Mercurial.

    Depending on your platform, you can also just use patch, e.g. patch -p1 < some_patch_from_git.patch. That may actually be better as you’ll see any fuzz and not have to deal with trusting the author just for one patch.


    If your patch does not go in cleanly, none of the above methods are going to work. Your code base is not what the patch expects if hunks fail to apply. Look at the rejects and see what the patch expected your code to be at any given line, then rebase accordingly.

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