Maven cannot find .git (dotGitDirectory)

I have an issue similar to what has been asked here, but there is no answer.
Have following structure in maven project (which is standard):

parent-pom - which is a parent for all others
    |_reactor - which is a concrete project, parent-pom is a parent
        |_module_1 - reactor is a parent

git-commit-id-plugin is configured in parent-pom and nowhere else.

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  • Until recently everything was fine: I was able to build both the whole reactor project and all modules separately with mvn clean install.
    Then I added a new module (let’s say module_n1), I believe the build had been going fine until massive merge.
    Now I got following situation: reactor build is successful, each module separately from 1 to n builds successfully as well.
    But module_n1 fails with following error:

     [ERROR] Failed to execute goal pl.project13.maven:git-commit-id-plugin:2.1.7:revision (default) on project module_n1: .git directory could not be found! Please specify a valid [dotGitDirectory] in your pom.xml

    There is a .git folder under reactor module. As an experiment I removed it and get the same error for other modules.

    What could be a reason why one particular module cannot find .git folder during the build?


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  • 4 Solutions collect form web for “Maven cannot find .git (dotGitDirectory)”

    I bumped into this problem today and the solution is pretty clear looking at this well documented maven plugin:

    Here you have declared the plugin in ‘module_n1’ and there is no .git directory in that folder. The solution would be to configure the plugin as follow if the .git directory is in the parent directory (eg. reactor):

                    <!-- more config here as you see fit -->

    Not a solution, but if you want to skip git-commit-id-plugin execution defined in a parent pom until project is added to git, you can override execution in your pom.


    Updating maven to the latest version fixed the problem for me.

    I ran into something similar in a clean build system and it may be related to their not being a git user “installed”. On my local, I see


    etc, but nothing like that on the clean system.

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