Master failed to write error while pushing commit

I have a git repository on a company network drive and had no problem pulling from it. However, i wasn’t able to push any commits into it, though I had a few good luck but recently I couldn’t get anything in it. The error was:

C:\Program Files\Git\bin\git.exe push “origin” master:master error:
Couldn’t set refs/heads/master To //software/pdd.git/ ! [remote
rejected] master -> master (failed to write) error: failed to push
some refs to ‘//software/pdd.git/’ Done

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  • I suspect that it got to with the master file. On Windows, it shows that I might have been put into a network group that does not allow me to do modify but was able to read, write and execute.

    My question is: If i was able to push a few times before, this file permission thing shouldm’t be a hassle to me. If it, indeed, that I don’t have enough privillage to modify, is there a workaround?

    PS: The company is reluctant to change my network group to another, which would enable me to modify files.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Master failed to write error while pushing commit”

    Check the question “Pushing to a Git repository on an NFS share fails”:

    The NAS is doing weird things to permissions, setting the sticky bit on all directories. This explains the behavior. An additional chmod solved the problem.

    That means this is a permission issue on the target (remote) side, as illustrated in “Git issues after upgrading to osx Lion”:

    there was an odd permission for everyone as ‘custom’. I updated this to be ‘Read & Write’ and the commit was finally successful.

    As a “workaound”, See this Error section:

    I just deleted my bare repository and created a brand new one and pushed my changes over there. And everything works again.

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