Make a GIT repository read only for some users using gitosis

We are running a GIT repository using gitosis and we need to forbid the push to some people of the team.

So i want everybody have read access to all repositories (got +10 repo and +20 machines where the users can do commit pull and push)

I need to restrict only the push, i want user can continue doing pull and clone but not push, only 2 users can push to master.

So any ideas? maybe to ask a password before make push?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Make a GIT repository read only for some users using gitosis”

    You do this in the gitosis.conf file. Create two groups, one for those who can write to the repo, and one for those who have read-only access:

    [repo my_repo]
    description = Git repository for foobar
    owner = user1
    [group my-repo]
    writable = my_repo
    members = user1 user2
    [group readonly]
    readonly = my_repo
    members = user3 user4 user5
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