Mac specific optimizations in ~/.gitconfig

I read that discussion about the content of “~/.gitconfig” on Linux:

I know some Mac specific optimizations, such as using “mate” as default editor:

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  • [core]
        editor = mate -w

    or using opendiff as diff editor:

        external = opendiff

    Do you know other Mac specific optimizations (and/or tools) that I could install/configure in “~/.gitconfig” file in order to get a very user-friendly git?

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    I prefer to keep the default diff command internal, for quick summaries at the terminal, and access the more advanced diff programs (I use MacVim) using the difftool commmand. I describe the set up procedure here. The Mac-specific part is in my wrapper script, where I facultatively launch MacVim if it is available, then default to regular Vim. You can adapt to use TextMate, of course, if that is your preference.

    I use opendiff and textmate as external tools for git. You can configure them by running the following commands in bash:

    #TextMate as the default editor
    git config --global core.editor "mate -w"
    #Opendiff (FileMerge) to resolve merge conflicts:
    git config --global merge.tool opendiff
    #Opendiff (FileMerge) as diff tool
    git config --global diff.tool opendiff

    Alternatively you can configure the gitconfig file by adding the following:

        tool = opendiff
        tool = opendiff
        editor = mate -w

    The difftool and mergetool is only available after version 1.6.3

    Since git reuses the same temporary file for commit messages, I recommend using

        editor = mate -wl1

    so TextMate puts the cursor onto the first line every time instead of remembering the cursor position from last time.

    And if you create the following shell script…

    # ~/bin/
    /usr/bin/opendiff "$2" "$5" -merge "$1"

    …and configure git to use it as external diff tool…

    $ git config --global diff.external ~/bin/

    …you can use opendiff for diffs and merges.

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