Logout and login as another user git bash

I want to logout from Git bash and login it again as another user .

I have googled but can’t find any solution.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Logout and login as another user git bash”

    You don’t have to “logout” or “login”: regarding git, who you are is determined by:

    git config user.name
    git config user.email

    Change those two settings while being in a repo, and you are someone else, when it comes to creating commits.

    That has nothing to do with git remote -v, that is with the user account you will use to push to the upstream repo.

    • for an https url, you can simply specify a new user
    • for ssh, you would need a ~/.ssh/config file referring to multiple private ssh keys (also described here).


    git config --global user.name [Your User name]
    git config --global user.email [Your Email]
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