Log of remote history

I have been asked to make a log of all the pushes made to a remote repository during a working day to display along side our build information. I am having trouble getting the necessary information for the remote repository.

I can get the info in relation to my local version of the repository with “$git log”, and I have come close with the command “$git reflog show origin/master” on the remote but the main problem here is that it shows no details.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Log of remote history”

    git log origin

    This will give you a log of commits on the origin remote.


    You have first to fetch the remote branch into your local remotes/origin. Then you can log this. For instance, if you are working on branch master:

    git fetch
    git log FETCH_HEAD

    This will now show you the log from remotes/origin/master on your local machine.

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