Local Repository in Xcode 4

I want to add local svn or git repository to my code in Xcode 4. I found help for adding that to a new project. But how do I add that to an old one?

I started working in Xcode 3. Recently I’m using Xcode 4. I want to use Time Line.

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    I was looking for an answer to the same problem. What I have done is followed the steps given by ‘adymitruk’ and in addition to that from the organizer window of XCode I selected ‘Add Working Copy’ option and selected my project folder where I had executed the git commands.

    Then I double clicked the XCode project file (file with extension ‘.xcodeproj’) from the Repository in Organizer window and that opened my project in XCode. This seems to have worked.

    Some documentation from apple can be found at:

    Refer the following document’s section “Add Git or Subversion Version Control to an Existing Project” which includes the Git commands:

    for git all you need is

    git init

    add a proper list of files/directories to ignore in the .gitignore file

    git add .gitignore
    git commit -m "initial init"

    then add all the files

    git add . -A
    git commit -m "initial code commit"

    at the top level.

    Similar steps for SVN but I would not recommend using SVN for a number of reasons.

    hope this helps

    Whilst looking for the answer to this question I found this post and it’s solution.

    In terminal cd to the project folder you want to put under versioning

    “git init”

    “git add .”

    reboot XCode and it should detect that it is under git versioning and you can use the internal tools

    Source: I found it on this site http://www.lastrayofhope.com/2011/03/25/xcode4-adding-local-git-repository-to-a-xcode3-project/

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