Local Gitlab installation does't show all commits

I have configured Gitlab on a local server. When I push code to the origin , It shows only half of commit history and skips rest of commits .

Here is my commit history on my computer :
enter image description here

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  • So my last commit is done today but my Gitlab setup shows latest commit of may 2015. Screen shot of the same:

    enter image description here
    What can be probable reasons for it and how I can fix it?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Local Gitlab installation does't show all commits”

    HEAD without a branch means you are in a detached HEAD.

    A git push would only push a branch (a commit associated with a branch name), not your detached HEAD.

    You can fix that by creating a temporary branch and merging it to master: it will fast-forward master to it.

    # git add/commit first
    git branch tmp
    git checkout master
    git merge tmp
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