local and remote branch need to match names for git push?

It’d be awesome if someone helped me get this.

Say I’m working in master or in a branch called MyBranch and I want to push the changes I just committed to a new github branch. When I do

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  • git push origin RemoteBranch

    it’ll say something like

    error: src refspec RemoteBranch does not match any.
    error: failed to push some refs to 'git@github.com:bla/bla.git'

    1) Why is that? It seems that only way to replicate a commit to a remote branch is to make absolutely sure that their names are a perfect match. Basically I have to locally perform a git branch RemoteBranch, and then I can do a push just fine.

    2) How can I see the full list of remote branches?

    git branch -a


    git branch -r

    will only show the branches whose match I have on my local repo as opposed to all of the branches available on github.

    Thank you!

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    If you would have a look at the man page, you would find out how.

    You could use: git push <remote> <local-branch>:<remote-branch>

    You must first create the local branch before you can push it:

    git checkout -b RemoteBranch
    git push -u origin RemoteBranch

    The -u option is to automatically setup RemoteBranch to track origin/RemoteBranch

    Or, if you are on master and would like to push up master as a new branch:

    git push origin master:RemoteBranch
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