List git repositories with unpushed changes

I’m reinstalling my OS. I have thousands of repos on my computer. I have a feeling that I’ve made a few changes in some repos while hacking around that are not committed and/or pushed.

From a bash shell on my Debian PC, what’s the best way to find a list of changes that have not yet been committed/pushed to their remotes, and decide whether or not I want to keep the changes?

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    I’m assuming finding each repo and running git status in each repo is sufficient for your needs. In which case the following might be a starting point for you:

    find / -name "*.git" -type d -print0 | xargs -0 -L 1 -i% bash -c "cd %/..; pwd; git status -s -uno"

    find traverses your filesystem, starting at / (you may want to restrict that to perhaps ~), searching for .git diretories. The output (null-delimited to handle funny filenames) is piped to xargs, which cds to each repo, prints the pwd, and short-form git-status, without listing untracked files.

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