List git commits to master branch between two dates

How can i get a list of all the git commits done to the master branch between 2014-01-01 and 2014-06-30?

I know git log will give me roughly this format (repeated for all commits):

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  • commit <hash>
    author: <author name>
    date: <date>

    But how can it be limited to selected dates and a one line per commit format?

    <hash> <author> <date>
    <hash> <author> <date>

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  • 4 Solutions collect form web for “List git commits to master branch between two dates”

    $ git log --since "DEC 1 2014" --until "DEC 5 2014" --pretty=format:"%h %an %ad"

    This will give the format you want for the commits between dec 1 2014 and dec 5 2014, you can change the dates as you like

    If you wish to change the format, you can look at under format:

    Have you tried

    git whatchanged --since="2 year ago" --until="1 year ago" [--author="NAME_OF_THE_AUTHOR"]

    Even git log can be utilized to have this result. There are some advance options available in git log

    git log --after="2014-7-1" --before="2014-7-4"

    For more details about advance git log you can refer to this link

    $ git log master --pretty="%h %an %ad" --since=2014-01-01 --until=2014-06-30

    Here is everything

    Well, this should do the trick:

    git log --oneline since="1/1/2014" --until="30/6/2014"
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