List all developers on project in git

Is it possible to list all users that contributed to project (users that have done commits) in git? Any additional statistics?

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    To show all users and the number of commits:

    git shortlog --summary --numbered

    Or simply:

    git shortlog -sn

    If you want to be more specific in the list (find a list of unique committer and author), you could use git log :

    git log --pretty="%an %ae%n%cn %ce" | sort | uniq
    • %an author name
    • %ae author email
    • %n new line
    • %cn committer name
    • %ce committer email

    Other placeholders are described in the pretty print documentation of git log

    You can try this:

    git log | grep Author: | sort | uniq

    (users that have done commits)

    Note: by default git shortlog groups commits by authors.

    If you need to group them by committers, you will need Git 2.12 (Q1 2017)

    git shortlog -snc

    See commit 03f4082 (16 Dec 2016) by Jeff King (peff).
    See commit fbfda15 (11 Oct 2016) by Linus Torvalds (torvalds).
    (Merged by Junio C Hamano — gitster — in commit ad1b4e2, 27 Dec 2016)

    Linus Torvalds himself introduces this feature:

    shortlog: group by committer information

    In some situations you may want to group the commits not by author,
    but by committer instead.

    For example, when I just wanted to look up what I’m still missing from linux-next in the current merge window, I don’t care so much about who
    wrote a patch, as what git tree it came from, which generally boils
    down to “who committed it”.

    So make git shortlog take a “-c” or “--committer” option to switch grouping to that.

    I haven’t got around to testing it myself yet but this looks really nice for project statistics for a git repo:

    Check out the bin catalog to see the the different scripts.

    For example: the git-count script (commit count per committer)

    git shortlog -n $@ | grep "):" | sed 's|:||' 

    You can try amazing pack called git-extras. Specifically, the commands git-summary, git-count and maybe some other.

    another option can be:

    git log --format='%aN' | sort -u
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