Linking repo subfolders with git

I have a project on Red Hat OpenShift (git) and a project on Bitbucket (git).

How do I link a subfolder of the Bitbucket project to a subfolder of the OpenShift project?

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  • (so that making commits in one subfolder makes those same commits in the other)

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    Git has a feature called submodules that allows you to do this; the cost is some added complexity when updating the project. OpenShift should handle the submodules correctly, but I haven’t personally tried it. If you want to see how OpenShift handles submodules for git repos, please take a look at this script.

    Add both repositories as remotes to your local clone, and propagate commits with git fetch/push. If the servers can push to each other, and you have the ability to run hooks on them, you could set up an update-hook on one of the servers so that it automatically pushes to the other. See githooks(5)

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