Line endings in git

I am new to git, i was using svn earlier and we had issues caused by line-endings (CRLF and LF). now i am afraid this ll happen again in git too, the reason for my worry is different developers using different OS. and i am using a windows system with a Linux VM as my development environment. so project code is on linux and i edit it on windows. in the vm i have git which i use to push and pull etc. should i enable autocrlf to true? will it prevent issues for me? but i saw some ware i should set autocrlf = true in windows only.
i hope someone can offer useful advice 🙂

Thanks in advance.

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    Contrary to “Dealing with line endings”, I would recommend to always set core.autocrlf to false (on Windows or any other platform):

    git config --global core.autocrlf false

    You don’t want git to automatically changes files on a repository-wide basis without your explicit instruction.

    Once you have identified specific files which requires eol management, list them in a .gitattributes file, with core.eol directives.

    Welcome to Git.

    Here is one doc can help you set up your git conf file to handle this. Read it and practise you will love git.

    Dealing with line endings

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