LibGit2Sharp get all commits since {Hash}

Is it possible to get all commits since a specified commit using LibGit2Sharp?

I’ve tried the following.. but it didn’t work:

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  • using ( var repo = new Repository( repositoryDirectory ) )
        //Create commit filter.
        var filter = new CommitFilter
            SortBy = CommitSortStrategies.Topological | CommitSortStrategies.Reverse,
            Since = repo.Refs
        /*Not Working
        if (shaHashOfCommit.IsNotEmpty())
            filter.Since = shaHashOfCommit;
        var commits = repo.Commits.QueryBy( filter );

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  • One Solution collect form web for “LibGit2Sharp get all commits since {Hash}”

    The code below should meet your expectations.

    using (var repo = new Repository(repositoryDirectory))
        var c = repo.Lookup<Commit>(shaHashOfCommit);
        // Let's only consider the refs that lead to this commit...
        var refs = repo.Refs.ReachableFrom(new []{c});
       //...and create a filter that will retrieve all the commits...
        var cf = new CommitFilter
            Since = refs,       // ...reachable from all those refs...
            Until = c           // ...until this commit is met
        var cs = repo.Commits.QueryBy(cf);
        foreach (var co in cs)
            Console.WriteLine("{0}: {1}", co.Id.ToString(7), co.MessageShort);
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