Language-aware code-review tool

I’m looking for a code review tool that is language-aware. We’re currently using Reviewboard, which is okay for starters, but reaches its limits pretty quickly, e.g. when reordering functions or inserting functions between existing ones, moving functions to different files etc. It’s also relatively weak in regard to white space change.

Is there a code review tool that is language-aware (C++ would suffice for the moment), i.e. shows diffs on a per-function/per-class/… basis instead of line-by-line and, if possible, recognizes renaming, refactoring, what have you? The tool need not be web-based, but it would make things easier. Integration with git, like gerrit has, would be perfect, but not necessary.

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  • My research:

    • SemanticMerge, but that’s “only” a diff/merge tool.
    • This question about language-aware diff tools, and many similar ones
    • BeyondCompare, but that’s still only a diff tool

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