JGit detect rename in working copy


I’m trying to detect possible file rename that occurred after last commit, in a working copy.
On my example, I have a clean working copy and I do that:

git mv old.txt new.txt

Running $ git status shows the expected result:

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  • # Changes to be committed:
    #   (use "git reset HEAD <file>..." to unstage)
    #       renamed:    old.txt -> new.txt

    I tried

    Using a StatusCommand, I can see old.txt in the removed list, and new.txt in the added list.
    But I can’t find a way to link them together.

    I’m aware of the existence of RenameDetector, but it works using DiffEntry, and I don’t know how to get DiffEntries between HEAD and the Working Copy.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “JGit detect rename in working copy”

    Never mind, found the answer.
    JGit’s API is very complicated..

    TreeWalk tw = new TreeWalk(repository);
    tw.addTree(new FileTreeIterator(repository));
    RenameDetector rd = new RenameDetector(repository);
    List<DiffEntry> lde = rd.compute(tw.getObjectReader(), null);
    for (DiffEntry de : lde) {
        if (de.getScore() >= rd.getRenameScore()) {
            System.out.println("file: " + de.getOldPath() + " copied/moved to: " + de.getNewPath());

    (This snippet also use Gitective library)

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