Jenkins service unavailable error – 503 – running as different user

I am having a git repository which is restricted to my team and i want to set up jenkins in my system. Since jenkins runs as jenkins user, I am working on running jenkins as me. I followed the steps from but after this when i start jenkins I am getting Service unavailable error 503.
Its because i changed user in /etc/default/jenkins to my id from jenkins. When i change it back to jenkins it works.
There is no log in /var/log/jenkins/..Has anyone faced this issue before?.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Jenkins service unavailable error – 503 – running as different user”

    I find out the directory owner of /var/cache/jenkins and /var/lib/jenkins somehow be changed back to jenkins, just redo

    sudo chown YOUR_USER_NAME /var/lib/jenkins

    sudo chown YOUR_USER_NAME /var/cache/jenkins

    Restart jenkins, it should work.

    Also check /var/log/jenkins if the same problem shows there.

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