jenkins pipeline catch build_job info for a failed parallel build

Does anyone know how to catch the failed job’s number in a parallel pipeline execution while still have failFast feature working for short-circuiting of builds in the event of a job failure? I know i can kind-of make it work if i do “propagate = false” while running the build step but that kills the failFast feature, and i need that.

For example, below is my code and i want the value of variable achild_job_info inside the catch block as well.

build_jobs = [“Build_A”, “ Build_B”, “ Build_C”]

def build_job_to_number_mappings = [:]
// in this hashmap we'll place the jobs that we wish to run
def branches = [:] 
def achild_job_info = ""
def abuild_number = ""
for (x in build_jobs) {
    def abuild = x 
    branches[abuild] = { 
            retry(2) {
                try {
                    achild_job_info = build job: abuild
                    echo “ achild_job_info”  // —>  this gives:
                    abuild_number = achild_job_info.getId()
                    build_job_to_number_mappings[abuild] = achild_job_info.getNumber()
                } catch (err) {
                    echo “ achild_job_info: ${achild_job_info } “  // —> This comes empty. I want the runwrapper here as well, just like in the try block. 
                    abuild_job_number = abuild_job_info.getId()
                    build_job_to_number_mappings[abuild] = achild_job_info.getNumber()
                } // try-catch
        } // stage
   } // branches
} // for
branches.failFast = true
parallel branches

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