Jenkins JUnit Attachments Plugin throws 404 for attached files

Currently I’m running a Maven 3 build with Selenium/WebDriver tests. Whenever a test fails, it will snap a screenshot and save it to the correct folder (for the plugin). When the job finishes, I can see all the attachments listed. I can also copy the attachments off of the Jenkins server and view them.

However, whenever I try to view them in Jenkins, I’m seeing a 404 file not found exception. I’ve double checked the permissions of all the files involved, tried using both .jpg and .png extensions. I’ve commented on the JUnit Attachments Plugin wiki page. I’m thinking that it might be a bug at this point, but wanted to see if anyone has had it work with Maven builds.

n.b. I’m using version 1.3 of the plugin, version 1.540 of Jenkins, and the correct dependency for JQuery.

Edit: This is not specific to images. I attempted this with a text file, and still get a 404.

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