Jenkins input pipeline step filled via POST with CSRF – howto?

I have Jenkins pipeline with an Input step, and I would like to submit this input(single string argument) via a script.
So far I am trying with curl, ideally I’ll be sending it via Python requests library. This should be an easy POST request, however with CSRF it becomes tricky. I’ve obtained Jenkins-Crumb (using curl in this case, from the same machine and same bash session), but still can’t send the content…

I’m sending Jenkins-Crumb:XXX header, just like it is explained at

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  • my request looks like this:

    curl -vvv -X POST --user '${USER}:${API_KEY}' -H "Jenkins-Crumb:${JENKINS_CRUMB}" -d 'json="{"parameter":{"name":"${PARAM_NAME}","value":"asd"},"Jenkins-Crumb":"${JENKINS_CRUMB}"}"' 'http://${JENKINS_URL}/job/${JOB_NAME}/${BUILD_NR}/input/'

    The URL I’m POSTing at is the same, as the one linked in build log (Console output).

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    There is an easier way, simply call the proceedEmpty URL for the jobs:

    curl -X POST -H "Jenkins-Crumb:${JENKINS_CRUMB}" http://${JENKINS_URL}/job/${JOB_NAME}/${BUILD_ID}/input/${INPUT_ID}/proceedEmpty

    There is no need to pass in body data.

    To abort, use:

    curl -X POST -H "Jenkins-Crumb:${JENKINS_CRUMB}" http://${JENKINS_URL}/job/${JOB_NAME}/${BUILD_ID}/input/${INPUT_ID}/abort

    I managed to resolve this issue.

    Hoping that someone else will benefit from my answer, let me explain how I achieved OPs target.

    All that Jenkis Pipeline input step needs is a properly formatted JSON and OK button caption sent to the right URL.

    So, the proper syntax is:

    curl -X POST -H "Jenkins-Crumb:${JENKINS_CRUMB}" -d json='{"parameter": {"name": "${PARAMETER_NAME}", "value": "${PARAMETER_VALUE}"}}' -d proceed='${SUBMIT_CAPTION}' 'http://j${JENKINS_URL}/job/${JOB_NAME}/${BUILD_ID}/input/${INPUT_ID}/submit'


    I just downloaded the latest stable release of Jenkins (2.7.2) and tested the csrf mechanism and it seems like it worked as expected.

    For example, the following command successfully kicked off a job called “test”.

    curl -X POST -u admin:test --header "Jenkins-Crumb:9c771b9e74d8d1d4b80766b63165c79d" http://localhost:8080/job/test/build

    That being said, your command looks like it should work. Could you try the following to narrow down the problem:

    1. Try to kick off a build using the csrf mechanism rather than using the Jenkins input pipeline. This will at least let us know if it’s the csrf that’s causing the problem or the plugin.
    2. Try a newer version of Jenkins (if you’re not on the latest stable).

    Let me know your results.

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