Jenkins Error: No test report files were found. Configuration error?

I can’t figure out why I have this error. I’ve installed ant via jenkins on windows.

My project is called test-freestyle and is held at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Jenkins\workspace\test-freestyle

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  • I’ve manually created an empty Reports folder inside that test-freestyle folder and am trying to follow this tutorial and this StackOverflow post to troubleshoot.

    Here is the folder structure, proof that jenkins sees the directory build failure image
    build failure image
    Is it becasue Program Files needs admin rights to create files?

    My code is in the JUnitTest1 project. My test cases are in JUnitTest1UnitTests

        [echo] JUnitTest1: C:\Users\----\Documents\workspace\JUnitTest1\build.xml
        [echo] JUnitTest1UnitTests: C:\Users\-----\Documents\workspace\JUnitTest1UnitTests\build.xml
     Total time: 0 seconds
     Recording test results
     ERROR: Step ‘Publish JUnit test result report’ failed: No test report files were found. Configuration error?
     Finished: FAILURE

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