Ivy with Git Repository

I am starting new with Ivy.

I have a local Git Repo where i store my jars.
I use Ant for builds.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Ivy with Git Repository”

    Ivy can use Ivy repos or Maven repos. These have a special layout, and not someplace where you can simply store random jar files. It might be possible to use Github, but I doubt it’s your best solution.

    Your best solution is to use your own Maven repository such as JFrog’s Artifactory, Sonatype’s Nexus, or Apache’s Archiva. These repository managers can point to multiple other Maven/Ivy repositories and retrieve jars you may need from them too. Instead of just your local jars, you can use the entire worldwide set of Maven managed jars. All you have to do is set your configuration to point to your local Maven repository manager and let it handle the rest.

    All of these repository managers come in open source versions. The main drawback is that you need a server to put them on. However, Sonatype offers free Maven repository hosting for OSS projects.

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