Isn't my GitHub SSH key supposed to free me from writing credentials every time?

A colleague has told me to make a ssh key and import it in GitHub. Before I did that, I was getting “access denied” errors (or similar) when npm checked out dependencies from GitHub, but now it works fine. However, I still need to enter my credentials every time I push to the remote. Isn’t the SSH key supposed to free me from that?

(Note: The passphrase of my ssh key is empty)

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  • Edit: I just the GitHub docs on this and it seems that the problem is that I’ve checked out via HTTPS instead of SSH. Is that so?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Isn't my GitHub SSH key supposed to free me from writing credentials every time?”

    Use git remote -v to show your remotes. If they start with “HTTPS”, then it isn’t using SSH. Use git remote set-url to change it to the SSH location.

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