Is there library of git for android

I wanted to make an app that uses git as its backend and does something like pull/fetch/ etc by just pressing button on android. Then all the information about the repo is displayed in the listview. I am able to create the listview but I am searching for the library that could help to do the git part. Is there any thing like this that anyone knows? or It could be java too I guess


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    ps :- Further search gave me JGit but I am not sure whether I am looking for this or not. Let you guys know if I find something.

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    As I said in my comment;

    Are you interested in the actual content of the repo? If not, you could consider a server-side application that does the git interaction. Then you could ask the server to do the commands, like git status or pull/fetch etc, and return the result in a more mobile friendly format.

    Best of luck!

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