Is there any way to change the working directory of a Jenkins Maven build?

Is there any way to change the working directory of a Jenkins Maven build?

Use Case

There is a Maven build that will only work if the current working directory is the directory with pom.xml in it, so I want the Maven build to execute in that directory.

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    Create a target to checkout the parent.

    • Checkout the parent dir of your build target
    • Set Build -> Goal = clean
    • Run build and ascertain the destination workspace directory (second line of console output, in my sample /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/my_project)

    Create a target to build your path

    • DO NOT check “Delete workspace before build starts”
    • In Build -> Advanced – Check “Change folder of workspace” and paste your /yourtargetdirectory

    It worked for me.

    Not sure when this was added, but for the Jenkins in front of me (Jenkins ver. 1.627 per the bottom of the page), there’s now an option for defining where the root pom.xml is (help message says:

    If your workspace has the top-level pom.xml in somewhere other than
    the 1st module’s root directory, specify the path (relative to the
    module root) here, such as parent/pom.xml. If left empty, defaults to

    ). I was facing the same issue but then realized the answer was staring me in the face (note that I did not have to hit advanced as Hua2308 suggested, probably because they changed the UI)

    For a reference, here is what works for me. In the “Invoke top-level Maven targets” build step, there is an “Advanced…” button. If you click this button, you can specify the relative path to your POM.xml file. This should ensure you are only building the desired project in the subdirectory.

    You can use Maven’s -f option

    -f,--file <arg>    Force the use of an alternate POM file (or directory with pom.xml).

    For example if your project has a structure:
    |    |----pom.xml
    |    +----src
    |    |----pom.xml
    |    +----src

    then you can use Goals in Invoke top-level Maven targets:

    -f sources/pom.xml clean install

    Go to the configuration of your maven project, then:

    Build > click the “Advanced” button > check “Use custom workspace” > set the directory

    (I’m using Jenkins version 1.508)

    The Jenkins we are working with is in German so I’m trying to guess how the options are translated.

    Go to the configuration of your project and there go to enhanced project configuration (it’s the second section) and expand it. The last point should be something like Change folder of workspace. I think that might be what you are looking for.

    Otherwise you can always go to the Build options and change the path to your pom.xml


    cd subfolder; mvn -f ../pom.xml task

    Maven does not provide an option to do it the other way round, meaning the sensible way for this use-case, probably because Maven hates you.

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