Is there any test GIT repository available?

I want to learn git, so is there any online test git repository available, Just for test? so that I can learn how to work with remote GIT repos?

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    You can clone any repo you like at
    If you need more functionality (merging, pushing, etc.), you can create your own testing repo there (currently this is free) –

    Git isn’t like SVN in that you don’t need a central repo. What you can do is take a directory full of files and make a copy. In the copy, run “git init” and voila, you have a git repo to play with. You can even clone from it locally and practice pushing and pulling. You can do this all without even being connected to the internet.

    Well, this is older question but it can be still very current for others.

    I usually use the following work flow (it is more or less what siride answer is suggesting). It is usable for testing Git or for having the remote repository at network drive or service such as Dropbox (instead of or others).

    Create a directory which will act as a remote repository:

    cd /somewhere/on/hard/drive/eg/Dropbox
    mkdir my_project
    cd my_project
    git init --bare

    Go to the existing project directory (or create if you don’t have any):

    cd project_dir
    git init
    # add all files you want to add, e.g. *, *.cpp *.h, '*.cpp' etc. or one by one
    # create some file if you don't have any
    git add *
    git commit -am "initial commit"

    Still in the project directory, connect to the remote repository:

    # add the remote repository
    git remote add origin /somewhere/on/hard/drive/eg/Dropbox
    # push for the first time
    git push -u origin master

    Then you can git commit, git push, git pull or whatever you want try. To create a new clone of that repository use standard clone:

    git clone /somewhere/on/hard/drive/eg/Dropbox my_project_dir

    This works great for testing because it does not require any sever or third party service and it is usable even for the real work.

    Alternatively, for complete beginners, which allows you to try basic Git commands in your web browser.

    And here is the repo where you can test do the pull request

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