Is there any decent git repository manager that's downloadable?

I want to host git repos on my server, but still have a nice tool to manage them, such as Beanstalk or Assembla.

Does anyone know of a similar tool which is downloadable (Other than Assembla private)? Security and reliability concerns won’t allow for hosted solutions.

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    Please try GitBlit. It is incredibly easy to install and to use compared to GitLab or Gitorious.

    It took me few minutes to deploy it on a local Tomcat and create my first repository.
    In parallel, I’m still fighting (for days) with GitLab (on RH6.4 box without internet access)


    Gitolite is far more advanced than gitosis, and is quite easy to install, directly from your workstation (based on ssh communication with your Git repository server).

    It is only for managing complex ACLs though, meaning it has no web front-end, even though you can quickly interface it with GitWeb (which comes with Git).
    It also have no integration with Basecamp, Campfire (, … and so on).

    Have you tried gitosis?

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