Is there a way to find out bitbucket team repositories names using git?

I have a bitbucket team which has several repositories but I forgot the user password to login. I have the user password credentials for team through which I can access and clone the repo. Is there a way to find out the names or link to repositories in this scenario?
Any API or git command would do. I have searched all way on bitbucket site but could not find any information.

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    You can test listing repostories with the REST Browser API, entering the credentials that you do have, and testing a:

    Or, in your case, selecting the 2.0 API:{teamname}/repositories

    (replace {teamname} by the name of the team)

    Th OP Anuj adds in the comments:

    I made it work by asking the administrator to creating a user for me.
    By default, the bitbucket team user is disabled.

    The following cURL command will give all the repositories.

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