Is there a good (visual) Git tool for Mac OS X or Windows?

I’m looking at porting my projects to Git from SVN (I’m convinced that Git is worth the move) and I’m trying to come up with a set of tools to use for the project. I’ve googled around for some tools but I wasn’t really impressed with what I found.

What visual tools are recommended for Git users on Mac OS X? What about Windows? (I have multiple development environments and I need git tooling in each one of them)

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    Here’s one for Mac: GitX

    enter image description here

    Source Tree (for MAC)

    enter image description here

    Windows has TortoiseGit. It is not as mature as TortoiseSVN, but I’ve been using it and it works well enough for my purposes.

    enter image description here

    EDIT [Dec 2014]: I’d also recommend looking at Dan’s answer. Github’s UI is probably the most mature/supported tool out there now (even if you don’t use Github!)

    Try Git Extensions.

    enter image description here

    I’m surprised nobody has mentioned Tower for Mac OSX.

    Here is a screenshot:
    enter image description here

    In the vein of teaching how to fish: take a look at page on Git Wiki, which has section about GUIs.

    Git Homepage also has section about GUIs:

    For OSX I don’t like Tower. I have had too many crashes and problems. On the other hand, Source Tree works very well. Albeit it requires a bit more understanding of git itself. IMO Tower is no Cornerstone. I wish Cornerstone would support GIT.

    GitGui comes with git. It has always worked great for me. Is there some problem you have with it?

    enter image description here

    There is a native port of Git to Windows, called mysysgit.

    If you use Eclipse, there’s a Git client that hooks into that – egit.
    TortoiseGit is a standalone GUI client.
    Git#/GitSharp is a client for git for .NET.

    Mac users will hopefully be able to provide some examples for MacOS.

    Enjoy it!

    Git extensions for Windows works great and integrates with Visual Studio (if you need it). I haven’t tried TortoiseGit, but I’ve heard it’s not quite ready.

    On Mac, I’ve tried GitX and wasn’t very impressed. It seems to missing many of the git commands and I have to use the terminal on a regular basis. There is another one called Gity, but it’s very new and I have not tried it yet. It is free now, but I think that will end once it reaches 1.0.

    For Windows, I recommend the GitHub for Windows client (which also works with other local and remote repositories, even though it’s setup to work with Github by default).

    Here is a screenshot:
    enter image description here

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