Is possible to list the git repository issues in command line?

When fixing an issue I want to make sure that I close the correct issue writing in the commit message: "Fixed #issueId".

To be faster I would like to list the repository issues in terminal. Is this possible with a git command?

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  • I imagine something like below:

    $ git issues --all
    | Repository Name - Issues              |
    | # | Title                   | Status  |
    | 1 | Lorem Ipsum 1           | OPEN    |
    | 2 | Lorem Ipsum 2           | WONTFIX |
    | 3 | Lorem Ipsum 3           | RESOLVED|
    | 4 | Lorem Ipsum 4           | INVLID  |

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Is possible to list the git repository issues in command line?”

    Check out mine as well:

    npm install -g git-issues

    It also works from a cloned location if you add the bin/git-issues it to your PATH.

    It supports both GitHub and BitBucket. It displays by default open issues. For closed issues run:

    git issues -s closed

    Feel free to fork my repo and send a pull request with more features.

    No, not directly with the “vanilla” git command line.

    There is a “command-line wrapper for git that makes you better at GitHub.” (according to the site)

    You can then run:

    $ git browse -- issues

    Which would return the current projects issues.

    In that case, this may be more helpful.

    It’s a cli to github

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