Is it possible to setup git merge for automatic resolving? (git rerere)

I have 2 laptops with one plaintext file, which has to be synced – it is used as a database for a 3rd party software. Customer wants to sync the content of that file on a daily manner.

First idea was to make a script which would upload file to Dropbox, but in case of confilct (both users remove line A and first user add line B instead, second user add line C instead) Dropbox creates a separate file.
EDIT: was going to mention, but forgot to say: in case of conflict, both lines B and C should replace line A – “take both” strategy.

Second idea is to put file to repository, sounds easy, but i’m not sure how to setup auto resolving, because i don’t want merge tool GUI to appear during the process.

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    You have the git rerere command for your help.

    This is exactly for this command is for.

    git rerere

    Recorded Reused Resolution

    # enabled the option to record the 
    git config --global rerere.enabled true

    By the way, if you prefer rerere to auto-stage files it solved (I do), you can ask it to: you just need to tweak your configuration like so:

    git config --global rerere.autoupdate true

    enter image description here

    If you want all conflicts resolved with changes from both sides being included, add the following to your .gitattributes file:

    * merge=union

    This will make git do what you want.

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