Is it possible to merge from one branch to another in git with only certain files?

Let’s say I have two branches

  • A
  • B

I want to merge the changes in A to B. However, A has some files that I changed as well as some files that someone else changed. For example, in A, there are 2 files that changed.

  • path/to/ (I changed this file)
  • path/to/another/ (another user changed this file)

On merging from A to B, I find that there are conflicts with the file that someone else changed (in the running example, Now, I want the merge to proceed so as to

  • “ignore” or “skip” the file that was changed by someone else (I don’t know how to resolve that conflict)
  • I want the merge to be such that when someone else merges, they too will also have to deal with the conflict and decide what to do.

I am not sure if a resolution of using mine or theirs is appropriate, because on the next merge, it might never consider the conflict again (git will mark the conflicts as resolved in future merges).

I suppose I can cherry-pick too, but on our team, we have a policy to merge forward (e.g. from A to B) and cherry-pick backwards (e.g. from B to A).

Is it possible to do as I stated? We also have a policy that a developer must merge their own commits, but, unfortunately, this developer is not available for the next two weeks (vacation).

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    For me the conceptually easiest way to deal with this would be to perform the merge and then reset the file in question to the commit in B which was at the HEAD of that branch before the merge.

    The command you would use to reset the file modified by another user is:

    git checkout <SHA-1> path/to/another/

    where <SHA-1> is the hash of the most recent commit on B before you did the merge (i.e. the version you want to keep).

    If there is a merge conflict in this file during the merge, then you can reset it using the above command and commit. If the merge completes without a conflict, then you can still run the above command, and you can amend the merge commit:

    git add path/to/another/
    git commit --amend
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