Is it possible to make –word-diff default in git diff, git gui, gitk

Is it possible to set an option that git diff is always using --word-diff=color whenever displaying diffs?

I know that there are command line arguments for gitk, git-gui and git diff, but are there config options I can set globally?

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  • I found that this works for git-gui:
    Adding this to .gitconfig works for guid

        diffopts = --word-diff --color-words

    But using this, I can not actually pick anything anymore. I get “diff fails to apply” whenever I want to commit any line or chunk.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Is it possible to make –word-diff default in git diff, git gui, gitk”

    If you frequently invoke git diff you may define a git alias.

    $ git config [--global] alias.df "diff --word-diff=color"

    And then use git df instead of git diff.

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