Is it possible to make a merge in one command without committing and modifying the index?

Let’s say that I’ve got some cool tool for development and I keep it on a branch called ‘tool’. My product has many customizations and hence there are many branches used for development. Despite the fact that the tool is so groovy, I don’t want to commit them to any other branch.

When I need the tool on some development branch, I use git in the following way:
git merge --no-commit tool
git reset

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  • With the above I get all the files I need to my current branch and I clean my index.

    The question is whether this is achievable in one command? Maybe there’s some other good way to use git for my scenario? I’ve got to say that I don’t like git stash though.

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    There is no way in git to perform these two actions in one command, but you could combine them using bash by running it as:

    git merge --no-commit tool && git reset

    You could even alias that to something short, like alias gtool="git merge ..." and then just run gtool.

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