Is it possible to get a list of merges into a branch from the Github website OR API?

In our workflow, no “direct” commits are made into the master branch. The master branch only receives merges from Pull Requests.

We can think of each merge then as a new feature added to the master branch.

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  • So I’d like to get a list of merges into master, as a way to visualize the blocks of features added into the product over time.

    Does git or the Github API expose this query, or do I have to parse raw commits?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Is it possible to get a list of merges into a branch from the Github website OR API?”

    Git exposes such feature through the git log command. This command accepts some switches that filter the rendered commits according to the number of parents commits.

    One of them would fit your request:

    • –merges Print only merge commits. This is exactly the same as --min-parents=2.

    The following shows the merge commits (ie. commits with more than one parent) reachable from the vNext branch of the LibGit2Sharp project

    $ git log vNext --merges --oneline
    090b2de Merge pull request #348 from jamill/credential_callback_fix
    0332c35 Merge pull request #260 from ben/great-renaming
    3191c1b Merge pull request #239 from ben/libgit2-upgrade-81eecc3
    1d544e8 Merge branch 'vNext'
    238d259 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'


    Leveraging the same output through the GitHub API is possible, but would be somewhat more complex.

    This would require to retrieve all the commits from a branch, paginating
    through all the results (in order to retrieve all the commits meta data) while filtering out the ones that only expose only one parent node.

    As a starting point, the following url shows the latest 30 commmits of the vNext branch.

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