Is it possible to clone only certain commit from a git repo with depth 1?

pip package manager allows installing from various VCS including git:

Pip currently supports cloning over git, git+http and git+ssh:

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  • -e git://
    -e git+
    -e git+ssh://

    Passing branch names, a commit hash or a tag name is also possible:

    -e git://
    -e git://
    -e git://

    This is nice when the package is small, however, it becomes quite slow when the package is huge (e.g. Django). If I need just the last commit of master branch, then I could use --depth 1 parameter for git clone.

    Is it possible to get only a certain commit without the full repo history in general? At least from github?

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    You can neither clone nor fetch from remote a particular commit, much less a depth of 1, due to security reasons:

    To the best of my knowledge, no. You may want to ask about this on the git mailing list.

    You can use GitHub API to get last/any commit:

    It’s not a git command, you’ll need to make a HTTP request, parse JSON response and download files with diff-data.

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