Is it possible to add nested submodules in the root repo in git?

I want to make submodule in my repo:

Root /
\--- /A (submodule)

But also I want to nest another submodule, also in root:

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  • Root /
    \--- /A (submodule)
     \-- /A/B (another submodule)

    And I can’t add B as submodule to A, since A is a third-party repo.

    The real-life example.

    llvm + clang trees: I want to include both repos, but clang must be checked-out inside llvm tree.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Is it possible to add nested submodules in the root repo in git?”

    No, you would have to:

    • add B as a submodule of Root
    • make a symlink (even on Windows) from Root/A/B to Root/B.
      That symlink remains private, and isn’t added to the (thirdparty) repo A.
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