Is it possible in git to create a new, empty remote branch without pushing?

Most examples of creating remote branches involve pushing from a local branch

Is there a way of creating an empty remote branch without pushing?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Is it possible in git to create a new, empty remote branch without pushing?”

    As mentioned in the blog post “Start a New Branch on your Remote Git Repository”:

    • Creating a Remote Branch
    git push origin origin:refs/heads/new_feature_name
    • Make sure everything is up-to-date
    git fetch origin
    • Then you can see that the branch is created.
    git branch -r

    This should show ‘origin/new_feature_name

    • Start tracking the new branch
    git checkout --track -b new_feature_name origin/new_feature_name

    So to declare a remote branch, even one which doesn’t yet exist on the local repository, git push is mandatory.

    git checkout --orphan new-empty-branch


    git rm -rf .

    to remove all files from new branch.

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